Zivor Auto ( Australasia ) Pty Ltd

We offer a wide range of Automotive Components, Consumer Products, Electronics, Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Components, Industrial Machinery, Consumables, Metals, Scrap, Tooling, Jigs, Fixtures, Assembly & Packaging, Logistics & Distribution, Project Mangement, Design & Development & Manufacturing.

Design & Development

Engineering Excellence
Zivor develops end to end solutions for our customers. With our state of art Computer Assisted Drawing - CAD, Computer Assisted Manufacturing - CAM, Computer Assisted Engineering & Material Resource Planning - MRP resources, we start with ideas, concepts, drawings, styling & testing the product in virtually simulated environment to validate real world applications.

Next step involves prototyping & testing to re-validate & further fine tine product design. Final validation & fine tuning is further subjected to manufacturing environment before full scale production is commissioned.
Cost Competitiveness
Our engineering is well aligned with the commercial economics, ensuring projects feasibility is sustainable & viable in all normal circumstances.

We offer comprehensive engineering advise to our customers to best suit there requirements, this includes :
  • Material Selection advise - Product & Tooling
  • Raw Material & Purchased Parts Sourcing advise
  • Risk Assessment
  • Value Engineering & Value Analysis
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities - Design Improvement